Attracting Love into Your Life Using Hypnosis

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I’m currently typing this blog post backstage at a “Macbeth” rehearsal. I have always been interested in acting, and I am so glad I am in a play! In fact, before and after I auditioned, I used self-hypnosis on myself to make sure I would do my best, and that my talents would shine through all the rest. Hypnosis does work! I will blog more about my experience with hypnosis and getting the audition in my next post.

However, today I am coming to you with the idea of attracting love into your life. Love is always there inside of you–look for it and you can find it. Even in the harshest of situations, where anger and sadness seem to prevail, love silently awaits to return to your awareness and give you the pleasure that you deserve, and have a right to.


Some may argue that as humans we need love, from others, and that we would not survive any other way. Some argue that it is just a want, a desire; a form of human emotion that wants to be fulfilled, but doesn’t necessarily mean it has to in order for the person to thrive. I believe that humans need love and compassion, because without it, the world would be so full of hate that wars and chaos might be more prevalent than it is today.


You might be at a time in your life where you are wanting someone, where you are needing someone. You need love and you want this feeling to be satisfied, but you don’t really know how to begin attracting love into your life. This is where hypnosis and meditation comes in, because these tools help gear your brain towards a loving nature more suitable for attracting and bring forth a love life.


In order to attract love, you need to understand that love must first be in yourself, as I mentioned earlier. Finding love within, or developing and cultivating it, can be as easy as closing your eyes and taking a deep breath.
Looking inside of yourself is a hallmark of hypnosis, and inserting and devloping certain traits and feelings (such as self-love) can easily be attained through hypnotic language patterns and visualization.


People are attracted to those who are first and foremost in a positive and loving state of mind. Those who are looking for their “soulmate” are looking for those who emit a certain aura of love, kindness and stability. These are the traits that you want to find, or develop, in order to be more in tune with a loving atmosphere. This is what will draw others toward you.


Simply by closing your eyes for about 15-30 minutes everyday, for about 30-60 days (it usually takes a considerably shorter time for most) and focusing on the desired traits (self love, a loving and positive attitude, etc.) that you want to develop or find within you. This is the first step in becoming connected with these traits. You then want to imagine yourself going about your day with these desired traits. The next step is imagining that you are in that loving relationship (friendship, lover, family) and that you move through these relationships with ease. You don’t really want to imagine how it will be coming into the relationship; you want to imagine that you are already in a relationship. By doing this, you will engage your mind to seeing and believing that it is possible that you can be in a relationship, rather than believing and seeing you can only start one.


I have a video of one of my sessions in my Hypnosis for Love CD set. It is always helpful for people to purchase the program so that they can receive words and images that will help guide their minds along easily and effortlessly, producing quicker results. However, if you feel confidant in your own visualization and self-hypnosis abilities, you can use the sample below as a guide.






I shall you leave you guys here, but I would like for you to continue sending your emails, comments and suggestions. Any input is helpful, as I am here to help you with your mind and your life. Let me know what you feel like working on in your own life, and I will continue to blog about it here. Thank you guys!
P.S. I am also going to blog more pictures of the play I’m in, with scary make-up, costumes and all!
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