Healthy Weight Week and Free Hypnosis CD Giveaway!

Hello everyone! It is Tuesday, May 11th 2010. I hope the week is going very well for all of you (and if it isn’t, let me know!).

I’m doing a quick post today to let you know about a “Healthy Weight Week” that I am hosting over at my other blog, The Healthy Advocate.

The reason why I am posting this on my beloved hypnosis blog is because on Day 1, I wrote about how to put yourself in the right state of mind in order to lose weight, gain weight or maintain a healthy weight. Or, perhaps, you are only trying to eat healthier and love to exercise. I put all the information you need in the post about first changing your mind through self-hypnosis.
If you are starting a program to lose weight, become healthy, stopping an addiction,shaping your body, attracting love or wealth–whatever it is–you first need to start off with the correct foundation, in your mind, before jumping into action. This is because you want your mind to already believe that you have accomplished your goal (and therefore you need to have a goal in mind already), making it much easier to take action.

Please take the time to read the post about how to get into the correct state of mind, as I give you steps on how to do self-hypnosis in order to achieve this desired state.

I’m giving away a free download for my hypnosis program, “Hypnosis for a Healthy Lifestyle” (picture above). This is such a powerful program, and my favorite of my hypnosis CDs and mp3’s. It contains 9 tracks along with a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ booklet which contains a meal planning and exercise guide.
If you want this, please give me a comment below (2 entries) and I will include you in the giveaway. You can also subscribe to my newsletter, at for an 3 extra entries. You can also tweet this blog post on Twitter (2 entries). You have to put either @gemfan2012 OR @HypnoticSubliminals in the tweet.
This is a $29.95 value, so get your entries in if you want to love eating healthy, love to exercise and begin shaping your body to a healthier and slimmer figure. Check out the program here for a free sample of the hypnosis download. Good luck!
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