What Healthy Recipes Do YOU Want to See?

Many people enjoy their sinful pleasures–chocolate cake, ice cream, hamburgers, pizza, etc., etc. But what if there was a way to make them entirely gluten (and even grain) free, sugar free, healthy and incredibly tasty?

I think there is. I’m from a notion (a “notion”–not an ocean) that says, “Everything has an answer, and everything will work out.” I’ve seen some amazing healthy culinary pursuits in my time (in fact, I’ve experienced the majority of them!), so I am prepared for suggestions on your favorite food, and how to make it completely, or mostly, healthy.
“Health food” is a term that I really dislike; not because I dislike healthy food–quite the contrary! It’s just that the healthy food that I make and prepare for myself doesn’t really taste like health food–it takes like a sweet indulgence.
I was inspired by Lauren from Healthy Indulgences to delve into different culinary aspects that sounded quite strange to me while I was beginning on my gluten free, grain free, sugar free path. Cake made with beans, rice made with shredded cauliflower and rich, healthy, natural saturated fats used in the majority of recipes. Not only did I change the way I ate, I changed my health (both mind and body) incredibly, and I want to help you, too!
Send me your suggestions on what type of food you enjoy (and be honest!) and how I can make it healthy just for you. I WILL test as many recipes as I can before I give you the best one. One rule that I have for my cooking (or uncooking–RAW food), is that it must taste good. So I’ve got you there.
This is The Healthy Advocate.
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