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Healthy Bone Week: Bone Building Exercises

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Strength training and muscle building through weight lifting.

We all know that exercise is essential for good health and mental agility. Is it no surprise that exercise is also good for the bones? Putting healthy amounts of exertion or weight upon your bones help build them and protect them from loss. What types of exercises can you do, right now, to help build your bones? Let’s find out.

If you are already suffering from bone loss, or you have osteoporosis, it is best to find out what your body can handle by talking to a trusted physician. The exercises mentioned here are for your research and knowledge, and it is up to you how you apply them to your own healthy lifestyle.


Squats allow your body weight, and any additional weight you apply to yourself, to be placed on your legs and thigh bones. Just a few reps of these and you will start to notice why these are bone strengthening. Your muscles, if you are not used to this type of exercise (and you haven’t properly warmed up by stretching) might feel sore after the first time with this exercise.


Fitness coach Darin Steen demonstrates a basic squat.

If you add a bar bell or some form of weight over your shoulders during this exercise, it will also help work your balance and inner stability and strength. This will also add more weight to the leg muscles and bones, to help strengthen and build them even more, as you go down.

Side Lunges

This form of exercise is also good for your leg muscles. You work each leg at different times, other than working both at the same time during squats. You could add light hand weights to this exercise to build the strength in your arms as well as your legs.

Place your feet side by side, feet wider than the hips, while lunging from right to left. Stay in each lunge for about 5-10 seconds, letting the majority of your body weight move into that lunging leg, with the other leg fairly straight. About 15 repetitions of each leg is ideal and can be accomplished by the majority of people.

Interval Cardio

This form of exercise is my absolute favorite. With interval training and cardio, you do bursts of intense activity, followed by short periods of rests. This maximizes your heart rate, and has been shown to be more effective at burning fat than regular long-endurance cardio sessions. You can achieve an hour’s worth of cardio in only 20-minutes if you use this exercise effectively.


In this video,  fitness coach Darin Steen explains the benefits of interval cardio.

Interval cardio is especially good at building muscles, because of the high intensity you are placing on your body during those short cardio bursts. Perhaps you are jumping up and down for 30 seconds, extremely fast, and then marching or jogging in place for the next 30 seconds for the break. With the jumping, you are providing fast muscle and bone movement and pressure, helping to build and strengthen the bones and muscles.


I love yoga—not only for its relaxation abilities, but the feeling your body gets after stretching and elongating. It is almost like a form of meditation, in that it helps focus the mind, as well as strengthens it. It can also be a great bone building exercise.

Photo Courtesy

With yoga, there are many side lunges, balancing postures and spine movements that all work with your own body weight, helping to strengthen and tone the entire body. Upward facing down can help strengthen and elongate the spine:

Photo Courtesy

Downard facing down can do the same thing, but will also provide weight bearing in your arms and legs, as well as toning the stomach:

Photo Courtesy

Triangle pose also works the leg muscles and bones by providing you with a good lunge. It also brings a twisting posture to your spine, allowing you to help build a flexible spine:

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You can find more yoga poses here.

Healthy Bone Drink

This drink you will see again near Halloween. Why? Because it is blood red! This is a preview for the next blog post, one that is CHOCK full of calcium, omega 3’s and vitamins K, C and A, nutrients that will help beautify and detoxify your body, as well as provide necessary ingredients to help your bones.

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