Cool Kid Loves His Greens and The Great American Salad Bar Project

I receive a newsletter from Whole Foods every now and then. They send quite interesting recipes, videos and articles that I’m sure many of you would love to check out. Even though there is some controversy surrounding Whole Foods, and even though I think it’s best to purchase the majority of your groceries from local farms and ranches, I am excited that this article came my way today.


A boy from Austin, TX is featured in this video, showing how he loves vegetables, and how to build the perfect salad. I’m so glad Whole Foods is highlight a kid like this, as it breaks the myth that children don’t like their vegetables. I used to hate hearing that myth when I was a kid, because those were my favorite foods.

A project is now underway, one in which I fully support, that will help put salad bars in schools across America. This was something that was totally lacking in my school system, as grease was on the menu everyday, with very little raw and natural foods available (if any). I never ate in my cafeteria when I went to school, but I did witness the kind of foods they serve, and it isn’t pretty. I’m sure the kids like it–pizza, hamburgers, sweet tea–but it is not promoting healthy bodies, or what is an important aspect for a school system, healthy minds.

If you would like to support this cause, please visit The Salad Bar Project’s website at You can donate for schools registered with the project, or you can learn how to apply your own school to the cause. Whichever route you decide to participate in, you should know that anything you contribute will help nourish the minds and bodies of the future, those who could live long lives helping others. You are essentially helping millions of people, because we are all interconnected anyway.

This is The Healthy Advocate.

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One Response to “Cool Kid Loves His Greens and The Great American Salad Bar Project”
  1. Lillea 19 August 2010 at 6:03 am #

    That’s great! I liked most vegetables when I was a kid too. Granted, my father was/is an excellent cook so he knew how to prepare them deliciously. That makes a big difference. I have known people who claimed they hate vegetables, then when they had them properly prepared, they are surprised that they liked them.

    In my house, when I was growing up, we would usually conclude dinner with salad with freshly made vinaigrette instead of dessert. Very simple. It’s a nice way to end a meal, instead of starting with salad. Palate cleanser, as they say.

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