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Coconut Flour Recipes: Crepes or Faux Tortillas!

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gluten-free coconut flour tortillas

Grain-free, gluten-free tortillas made with coconut flour.

This is a submission to Penny Wise Platter Thursdays, at TheNourishingGourmet!

Today I present a recipe that I have adapted from Tropical Traditions website for Coconut Flour Crepes. I use these crepes for breakfast to help get in a good source of protein (sometimes I fill them with sunflower seed butter, banana, coconut and cinnamon, with a little drizzle of honey).

Recently I have been making creamy spinach enchiladas with these crepes, using them as tortillas. I can’t tell you how well they work as a substitute for low carb tortillas, as the texture is very similar. Follow this recipe exactly. I use egg whites only to provide a thin, tortilla like texture. I usually like to keep the whole egg in tact, to provide myself with the complete spectrum of nutrition. If you want more of a fluffy pancake, use a whole egg, with the yolk.

Recipe: Coconut Flour Recipe: Crepes or Faux Tortillas


  • 1 TBSP. Coconut Flour
  • 1/16 tsp. baking powder
  • Two Egg Whites, from two eggs (OR, 3 TBSP. egg whites)
  • Two TBSP. Water (or Coconut Milk)


  1. Mix the coconut flour and baking powder with the water (or milk) and egg whites. Whisk or blend until all lumps disappear (I usually mix, then wait a couple of minutes and mix again).
  2. Pour batter on heated pan greased with coconut oil or butter (grease well). Pour batter in center of pan. Tilt the pan around to spread the batter into a large circle, almost covering the entire bottom of the pan.
  3. Be very careful with this part: Wait until the edges are brown on the side of the tortilla, or carefully circle spatula around the bottom of tortilla until safe to flip. Once safe, flip the toritilla and cook for about 30 seconds on the other side.
  4. Fill with cream, berries, enchilada filling–anything you like!

Makes 1 Coconut Flour Tortilla


CAREFUL: I have made this coconut flour tortilla crepe many, many times, and many times I have wounded up with scrambled coconut flour eggs. Not pretty, and won’t help in an enchilada recipe. Find a way of “knowing” that the other side of the tortilla is cooked well and that you can easily circle the tortilla with a spatula underneath. Then, when you know it is safe, turn it over to cook.

*Hopefully I can post a recipe everyday along with an article on other health topics every other day. Give me the encouragement to do so! I need you guys to really kick me into doing this, because sometimes I put too much on myself to start writing. I’m here for you! 🙂

If you like this recipe, then you will love the recipe coming up tomorrow–creamy, gluten free, low carb spinach enchiladas.

Grain Free, Low Carb Enchiladas

This is The Healthy Advocate.

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22 thoughts on “Coconut Flour Recipes: Crepes or Faux Tortillas!

  1. looking forward to the enchiladas!!!
    i’ve been missing tortillas, and haven’t been adventurous enough to try making a recipe for them yet!
    thanks for the great blog, keep on blogging in the free world~

  2. These look great, Brandon! I’m so excited try them! Really looking forward to the spinach enchilada recipe. My mouth is watering. 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time to inform us about all this.

  3. Can you do up a big batch of the mix and then fry a bit at a time? I don’t have a 1/16 t measure…i guess the bp packs in well enough to try to get a fairly even half from 1/8 tsp. Is that how you do it? Actually i wonder if there is a sub for the bp for people on gaps or scd? Thanks! Can’t wait to try these!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for stopping by. I usually make a big batch of these for enchilada night around here. I make enough for 12 tortillas. You can get away with not using any baking powder at all, especially if you want a more thin, tortilla like texture.


  4. Can you give us the recipe for the crepes that will make 12 crepes please? I hesitate to multiply the number of egg whites by 12 for the 1 crepe recipe and would be more comfortable hearing how you make these crepes in quantity.


    1. Tonight I made a variation of the enchilada recipe but with chicken and a white sauce. So good. I made the crepes again and made sure I wrote it down for you.
      Tonight I only made 4 crepes. I used only 9 TBSP. egg whites, or egg whites from 6 eggs (egg whites equivalent to 3 eggs). I then used 7 TBSP. water, plus 3 TBSP. coconut flour. Whisk it all together, and pour in batches about 1/4 cup at a time, making sure to swirl the pan around to make a larger, thinner tortilla. I got about 4 5.5″ coconut flour tortillas out of this recipe.

      So, for twelve, you can use 9 eggs (OR 9 egg whites from 18 eggs OR 18 TBSP. egg whites). Did this make sense? Let me know. Hopefully I can get the newer enchilada recipe up and running, with the appropriate measurements for the tortillas to make 12.


  5. You mentioned using the crepe recipe, but making chicken enchiladas w/ chicken and white wine sauce. Could you post that recipe, too? Or maybe you have already and I didn’t see it….

  6. Thank you! I’ve seen other, much more complicated grain-free tortilla recipes, and haven’t had the time. This one looks simple, and is a GREAT way to use up egg whites! I use egg yolks in smoothies, and also to make mayonnaise, and always have egg whites left. We can only eat so many macaroon cookies! 😀

  7. This recipe looks awesome! I will usually splurge on Mexican food once a month and now I don’t have to eat the flour ones anymore! yay! I’m going to make beef, avocado filled tortilla’s tomorrow using your recipe 🙂

  8. I’ve been looking for a good wheat-free tortilla recipe for a very long time. Can’t WAIT to try these out. Thanks so much for posting 🙂

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