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Zevia Giveaway!

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Zevia – All natural soda. No calories, no sugar. Could you ask for more? Recently I won Zevia’s new soda, Grapefruit Citrus, to try out. It is extremely good, and I can’t wait until it is released! I’m not much of a soda drinker, even a natural soda drinker, but it helps out so much when I want something other than water and tea. It is the best soda on the market, in my opinion.

When I was offered to host a giveaway for Zevia’s new flavor on my blog, I got really excited because I do believe in what they are doing. No one wants to drink chemicals and artificial additives and sweeteners. Haven’t you tried Zevia yet? It’s a natural blend of classic soda flavors with natural sweeteners stevia and erythritol, a sugar alcohol safe for people watching their blood sugar. You can use this new $2.50 off coupon for your Zevia purchase.

Most grocery stores that cater to health conscious individuals carry Zevia. I’ve seen it at Kroger, HEB, Whole Foods and Central Market. Most health food stores carry Zevia.

In today’s giveaway (and The Healthy Advocate’s first giveaway), you can be entered to win a six pack of Zevia’s new flavor, Grapefruit Citrus. You must try this! If you win, you will be very pleased.

Depending on which item you choose to do for the giveaway (you can do just one or all of them, if you like), you will be entered the number of times it specifies, which increases your chances. To enter, you may do one to all of the following:

1. Follow Me on Twitter and leave me a comment saying you did (with your Twitter username = 1 submission

2. Retweet this blog post (with RT@gemfan2012 at the beginning of the tweet) and comment saying you did = 1 submission

3. Like The Healthy Advocate on Facebook and leave me a comment saying you did (with your Facebook name) = 4 submissions

4. Share this blog post on your Facebook wall and leave a comment saying you did = 2 submissions

5. Subscribe to this blog on the right hand side with your email. Leave me a comment saying that you did = 2 submissions

6. Follow me on YouTube and leave a comment saying you did = 1 submission

Don’t forget to follow Zevia on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and contests. Expect to see many more new flavors out soon. So excited to see who wins! Winners will be announced March 14, 2011. Leave your email in your comment so I can get to you if you win!

The Healthy Advocate.

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