Revitalize Your Health – Awaken Spring Within You

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Today is the first full day of spring. Seeds within the earth are awakening and life is springing forth as the days get longer and warmer. The spirit soars and thrives for light and the ancient connection with mother nature. Spring is a time that reminds us that with death and darkness (winter), rebirth and new life always follows (spring). As it is in nature, so it is within you.

Right now, spring is “springing” up within you. Take advantage of the warmer months by connecting with nature, eating lighter and cleaning out the debris from your home, mind and body. Here are some simple ways to revitalize your health this spring, and make way for new possibilities and chances for growth:

1. Start a garden – This is something I am just starting out on, and I’m loving the experience! It’s a great way to get your hands dirty, and fulfill that ancient (often hidden at times) desire to connect with the earth. Gardening helps you feel as if you aided the production of brand new life–and in essence, you do. With each seed you plant and each plant you take care of, you are helping bring life into the world.

Growing vegetables, using organic methods, is a great way to revitalize your health this spring. Having home grown vegetables is probably the best thing you could do for yourself and your family. Make sure you really research how to take care of your plants if you are wanting to be successful. I recommend the Organic Gardening website. It has a large and helpful community that will aid your success.

2. Eat lighter – In the winter our bodies crave heavier, denser and warmer cooked foods. This is natural and has been developed within our psychology (and perhaps even our biology) as a way to keep warm during the colder, darker months. Definitely enjoy these foods every now and then during these warmer times! However it is important to fill your body with light, water filled vegetables that will provide hydration and optimal nutrition.

When I say “lighter foods”, I don’t mean fat-free or low-fat processed foods, but whole, unprocessed vegetables, some fruits, nuts, seeds and grass fed foods, like beef, butter and milk. Heavier, denser foods that we enjoy in the winter months, like sweet potatoes, oatmeal (and other grains, unless you are following a grain-free diet) and creamy soups, tend to weigh us down and provide an unnecessary amount of heat to the body in spring and summer. Keep shooting for the same amount of energy (calories) needed to help fuel your health and your body, but choose this energy from sources that will help refresh your body and mind.

3. Clear out your closet – In fact, clean the entire house! I usually like to start with one room, so I won’t feel overwhelmed. I will then move into the next closest room, and work my way through the entire house. I love cleaning when I know that I have the entire house to myself, that I have the whole day and that I can play my old movies in the background.

Having a home that is filled with clutter can also, psychologically speaking, create cluttered thoughts and actions. Being around a mess tends to make the brain more disorganized and hopeless, and this state of mind is not needed to help acquire extremely good health! Can you imagine how much more positive you will be in achieving your goals (weight, healthier eating, exercise, money, relationships) when you have a clear mind by having a clear atmosphere? That energy can definitely be put to good use!

4. Clean out the debris from the mind – This was half-way described in the previous number mark, and it is so important that it needs an expanded description. Without a clear mind that is free from negative thinking and racing thoughts, you cannot, and I repeat: you cannot – maintain an adequate (just adequate) state of health.

A bogged down mind will create pessimistic thoughts that are detrimental to the achievement of positive goals. These thoughts will create negative actions that will place an individual even further away from these goals, and can even lead to emotional despair and depression. It’s amazing what the power of the mind can do — it can affect the entire outcome of a person’s life. Your mind is the #1 thing to have on your side when you want to succeed in anything you do, including your health.

My favorite methods of reorganizing my mind is hypnosis, EFT and meditation. I will be posting more about these methods and how they can increase a person’s health, in numerous ways, in a future post. These techniques can actually change the physical aspects of brain chemistry and can help organize thoughts that will produce positive and successful actions that will ultimately be beneficial in one’s goals.

5. Exercise! – Many people love the idea of exercise, but the actual act of it tends to be less than appealing. In actuality, it’s the act of beginning an exercise program that seems daunting. However, JUST DO IT. Once you start, you will be wondering why you have been waiting this long.

Exercise increasing metabolism, alertness, mental abilities and balance. It helps the brain fight off aging, it creates healthier cells (and helps fight the bad ones) and may even be affective in decreasing the likelihood (or the symptoms) of depression. It’s the best natural health tool I know of that is free and is available to anyone, even if it is just lifting weights or walking.

Biking, swimming, yoga, walking, sprinting, interval cardio, pilates – all are great ways to tone the body and mind, and to help energize your health and wellness. Getting out in the sun and running around with friends, playing, having fun on the beach — anything that gets you motivated to get your body moving. Your light, carefree and healthy — get out and show it!

Five points that you can hopefully incorporate into your wellness plan this spring. Think about it and let me know what other things you like to do in the warmer months that you don’t do in the colder months (semi-health related).  Since it’s late, I will sign off. Stay tuned for two new recipes this week!

This is The Healthy Advocate.

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