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Is Microwaving Safe?

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Is microwaving your food truly safe as everyone says it is? It may not be, according to the research performed by Russian and Swiss scientists in the last half of the twentieth century. During the 1970’s, in fact, Russia had a temporary ban on microwaves because of their unproven safety to human health (that ban has, however, been lifted).

I haven’t used a microwave in over 2 years, because I am just not convinced that it is the safest way to cook our food. Think about it. For hundreds of thousands of years we have been cooking our foods with one of the most natural elements – fire. When we subject our food to microwave cooking, we heat it through a very unnatural process by cooking from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

This can cause change in the nutrition structure of some foods, as well as the reaction our blood has to the digestion of these foods. Although the research is minimal, a couple of the studies show that microwaved foods, compared to raw and conventionally cooked foods (stove, oven), can cause white blood cells to decrease as well as hemoglobin. If we can’t get oxygen to our cells, how do we expect to be truly healthy?

Besides these findings, we know of a lawsuit that occurred back in the ’90’s when a woman was killed by receiving a microwaved blood transfusion. The nurse warmed up the blood to prepare for transfusion in our wonderful modern convenience. Even if the past research about microwaving is debatable, shouldn’t this give us some clue as to the health effects of microwaves?

Personally, microwaving has too many question marks surrounding it, and while living a natural lifestyle, I avoid it at all costs. We are so used to everything happening very quickly now days, that we will swap in our health for the convenience of modern technology. Although this can make life easier, it doesn’t improve the quality of living.

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1 thought on “Is Microwaving Safe?

  1. I’m also unsure about the safety of microwaves. The FDA says a lot of things are safe one year and the next we find out it causes cancer. I think using common sense is most important. If it seems like it’d be unhealthy, why risk it?

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