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Paula Deen May Have Diabetes, But Don’t Blame the Butter!

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Paula Deen

It is expected, but not yet confirmed, that Paula Deen, the popular down home country cooking girl has type II diabetes. Critics report that her high calorie, refined carbohydrate recipes promote unhealthy lifestyles in America. Although it is true that her fried and sugary foods do play a large role in the development of this deadly disease, many critics are wrong to place the blame on her choice of natural fat – namely butter.

Why Butter is NOT Related to Diabetes

Type II diabetes, the disease that plagues 25.8 million people in the United States alone (including Paula Deen) and generally involves the improper utilization of insulin. This hormone is responsible for taking glucose into the cells after a meal to utilize it as a preferred energy source.

After years of abusing these cells with sugar and refined carbohydrates, the cells lose their response to insulin and develop what is called insulin resistance, or type II diabetes, where the cells cannot take in the glucose.

News reports are claiming that Paula Deen’s “high fat recipes” may be a cause to her possible diabetic diagnosis; however, natural fat from things like butter, coconut oil or lard has virtually no effect on insulin resistance. It is true that hydrogenated forms of these fats can be a contributor to a number diseases, natural fats like butter do not raise blood sugar levels or insulin.

In fact, fat slows down the break down of carbohydrates in the body, leading to a slow release of insulin. The cells are then not bombarded by an onslaught of insulin, which can weaken insulin receptors. Cells actually need dietary fats to provide stabilization to receptor sites.  Natural fat also lowers the glycemic index of a meal, which is one of the reasons why coconut oil is promoted as a healthy fat.

It’s the Sugar

It’s the sugar, man, as well as the highly refined carbohydrates that are practically in every recipe Paula Deen makes. I like her a lot, and really admire her for a number of things – however, I cannot support her involvement in promoting the use of white flour, white sugar and refined vegetable oils. These are the contributors to diabetes, obesity and even cancer.

When we eat sugar, or even refined carbohydrates (and many grain carbohydrates, regardless of being refined or whole), our blood sugar increases almost immediately and very quickly. In order to regain homeostasis, insulin rises quickly, attaches to cell receptors and lets in that blood sugar. Over a period of time, these receptor sites weaken, and we have difficulty taking in that blood sugar.

Receptor sites may also decrease sensitivity to insulin through an inactive lifestyle, stress and even genetic factors; however, diet is possibly the leading cause of this problem in America.

Paula's Lady's Brunch Burger - Processed Meats, Trans-Fat and High Sugar Content

One of her recipes, as seen in the news report, shows her using bacon, a hamburger patty and a fried egg sandwiched between a fried donut. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that there probably isn’t any natural fat in this recipe. Plus, the sodium nitrites or nitrates in the processed meats have been implicated in a number of diseases, including diabetes.

The Take Home Message

We know it isn’t the butter that needs to be implicated in the possibility of diabetes for the Food Network’s celebrity chef. It is, in fact, the refined carbohydrates, processed meats and rancid vegetable oils that might be a problem.

It is rumored that Paula Deen may be signing with a pharmaceutical company to promote diabetes medications. I foresee that if indeed Paula is suffering from this dis-ease, she would rather treat the symptoms with drugs rather than addressing the true problem with a lifestyle change. It is when we address the true cause, after all, when the problem disappears.

What do you think about this? If it is indeed true that Paula Deen has diabetes, or even pre-diabetes, then hopefully she can incorporate more healthy lifestyle habits, as well as dietary techniques and ingredients, that can aid in improving her insulin sensitivity.

For now, this is The Healthy Advocate.


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3 thoughts on “Paula Deen May Have Diabetes, But Don’t Blame the Butter!

    1. Awesome Dennis! Although there were overweight individuals back then, they were rare and it was rather abnormal to witness in that day and age. But you are too right!

  1. Paula Dean has a following of lady old ledias that think she is god! As Paula make million of dollars joking about these heart stopping foods and poor old ledias think, if Paula Dean does it is OK .But she has diabetes. Now she can help these fans off these heart stopping foods and go on her diabetes drug.People like Paula Dean is what is wrong with this countryGREEDY. PAULA DEAN IS A HEALTH HAZARD.She is the most dangerest food killer in America.You go girl, help them get diabetes and sell them the cure.

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