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My Natural Skin Care Recommendations

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There was a time when I was trying every skin care product under the sun (while feverishly protecting my skin from the sun). It never occurred to me that it was the harsh products that I was using that was making me break out. These products, which promised to help heal my skin with all of their miraculous, chemical ingredients, was actually hurting it.

When I changed my lifestyle, like my diet, sun exposure (not on the face), sleep, thinking, and exercise, I also changed what I put on my skin. So far, the only thing that goes on my skin is also safe for me to eat. SInce I have sensitive skin, the switch from chemical soaps to natural soaps made a huge difference.

Chemical Beauty Products

Anything that you put on your skin seeps into your pores, which often travels into your blood stream. Having toxic chemicals, especially those known to cause cancer (), in your blood stream is not a great idea. We are promised that the new skin care line will fight wrinkles, help clear acne and promote weight loss (believe me, those products are out there!). But at what cost? Do these products even live up to their expectations?

Often, conventional beauty products are not only expensive in the short term, but they may rob your health in the long term. Endocrine disrupters may mess with normal bodily functions and hormones that increase cancer risk, affect your weight and cause mood problems. Believe me that they are a waste of money, too. After trying every conventional beauty product that promised to clear my skin (even organic skin products), nothing seemed to do the trick.

Harsh Products with Many Ingredients

All of the skin products I used to use didn’t heal my skin. I think it might be due to all of the ingredients, both of chemical and natural origin, that were aggravating my skin. Those with sensitive skin cannot handle complicated products with complicated, unpronounceable ingredients. It just doesn’t work.

Switching to natural products, many with only 5 ingredients or less, may be more helpful to those with sensitive skin, or those seeking to develop a natural skin care routine. Without all the chemicals, your skin will look younger, brighter and cleaner, not to mention healthier. There are also some dietary modifications that can help your skin, as well.


Cleansing the skin is important for removing dirt and grease that might clog pores and cause breakouts. When it comes to a natural cleanser, I opt for the simplest soap possible. My skin has improved so much by using Clearly Natural Essentials: Pure and Natural Glycerine Soap. This is a great cleanser for those suffering from skin problems, and it’s worth a shot for the very, very inexpensive price (only $2.76 per bar on Amazon).

This soap is free from artificial colors, sulfates and has not been tested on animals. I can’t vouch for if it is gluten-free, as it isn’t certified. If you have celiac disease, it is best to contact the company. It only has two ingredients: Glycerine and Natural vegetable oil (coconut/palm kernel or palm oil). I use the unscented bar for my body and my face, and my skin always feels healthy, smooth and hydrated afterwards.

This soap will not strip your skin of your natural oils, which many soaps do (even organic soaps). Our natural oils produce less as we age, often resulting from the soaps we are using. This is a great soap to keep your natural oils in tact as much as possible.


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I never, never purchase exfoliating products. Not only are they full of hormone disruptors or other chemicals that can seep into the blood stream, they are very, very expensive. I like to use a natural loofah, and sometimes I will simply use sea salt, baking soda or organic turbinado sugar. I would think coconut palm sugar may also work well.

If not using a loofah, simply massage a baking soda, salt or granulated organic sugar on your skin to remove dead skin cells. Do this once a week, or every other week, for fresher, healthier and younger looking skin. Be sure to moisturize (see below) afterwards.


I only moisturize perhaps every other evening, or every other two evenings. Just as I listen to how much water my body needs by registering my thirst, I also listen to my skin to see how much moisture it needs. If it feels tight, or if I just exfoliated, I moisturize.

The reason why I moisturize at night, as opposed to the morning, is that most moisturizers are rather oily. My skin is rather oily. For some reason, while I sleep, my skin gets nourished and moisturized without breaking out. If I moisturize in the morning, I tend to have more redness and that oily feeling stays with me all day. That’s not what I want; however, every skin is different.

I like Nature’s Baby Organics Face & Body Moisturizer, which I use every now and then when I get out of the show. I also use simple coconut oil or olive oil for a moisturizer, which works wonderfully. Simply apply a little oil to the face and neck and massage into the skin. I then take a piece of paper towel and gently press into my skin to remove any excess oil. Try moisturizer with olive oil or coconut oil tonight and see what your skin is like in the morning.

Tightening Pores

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An age-old remedy for tightening the skin and the pores? Egg whites! This is a really simple face mask you can apply to your skin for anti-aging benefits. Your skin feels so much more smoother and younger after using. Gently whisk an egg white until frothy, or even until stiff peaks form, and spread evenly on the skin.

Your face will get tight! Just let the egg white dry and wash off with the Clearly Natural soap, or your favorite cleansing soap. Be sure to moisturize if you feel that your skin needs it.

Oatmeal Face Mask

Using certified gluten-free oats, you can make a homemade face mask that nourishes your skin without chemicals, pesticides or artificial ingredients. Grind 4 tbsp. organic rolled oats in a blender until it reaches a flour or meal. Cook with 1/2 cup of water or organic, raw milk or coconut milk. Apply the cooled, cooked oat mask evenly on your skin and let harden.

With the face mask, I like to apply cooled green tea bags or rooibos tea bags to my eyes and lay back and relax. The tea bags help refresh your eyes and the skin under your eyes. It’s a great anti-aging facial that’s natural, simple and very inexpensive. Follow up with a cleanser and perhaps a moisturizer.

Remember: Diet Plays a Role

Eating foods that contain vibrant, rich hues provides an excellent inner glow to your skin, while also helping it to look younger and clearer. Eating health fats and probiotic rich foods (sauerkraut, raw yogurt, kefir, kombucha) can also help improve skin conditions such as acne or inflammation, as we need these nutrients for every cell in our skin and bodies.

Avoiding sugar at all costs is one of the most crucial things you can do for your skin, as sugar increases inflammation and produces redness, acne and wrinkles. Two of the most vulnerable proteins in your skin is collagen and elastin, which are damaged by sugar during glycosylation. Collagen and elastin are needed for healthy, young skin with elasticity. Lowering sugar, or avoiding sugar, is the best way to prevent this from happening at an increased rate.

What Do You Do?

These are the things I use. What about you? Do you have any simple, natural and easy tips or tricks you use for your skin? Do you have any natural beauty care product recommendations? Let me know! 🙂

This is The Healthy Advocate.

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