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Sweet Free Challenge Take Two

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After making many, many sweet treats for my blog in the recent months, I’ve decided to take a vacation from sweets. This includes ALL sweets, even stevia and fruits, for one month. I have taken the “sweet free challenge” before, as you may have remembered if you have been with me for the last year or so.

Why Go Sweet Free?

Sweets can certainly be a part of a healthy diet, especially the desserts that I make for this website. But why am I going sweet free? Why do I recommend it every now and then? For me, I get tired of cupcakes, cookies and healthy candy after a while. So, listening to your body is the number one reason.

Another reason relates to insulin. There is a receptor site on our tongues that recognizes sweet taste, whether it is from sugar, fruit, stevia or artificial sweeteners. When it is activated, it stimulates the release of insulin, as our bodies think carbohydrates (quick energy) is being released into our bodies to be stored for later energy use. Therefore, for those who are wanting to lose weight, I would recommend that they also take a vacation from all sweets for 2 weeks or more to see if there is any change in their health.

What I Expect

Although I will be monitoring my vital statistics to see if there is any real change between now and the beginning of August, I am really not seeking any change in my weight or other aspects of my health. If I notice any changes, I will definitely document them here in a month’s time.

What usually happens when I go sweet free is that when I finally eat a dessert, only a tiny bit of will satisfy me. You can still be healthy and eat something sweet every day, but again, taking a break is awesome for helping you experience other tastes – spicy, somewhat salty, bitter, bland, etc.

Join Me?

Do you want to do this together? I’m here for ya. From my last sweet free challenge, I mentioned various foods that will help me when ever I feel like a want a dessert, or something to help round out a meal. Care to add anything?

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting more main dish gluten free and grain free recipes, like fried okra, chicken nuggets, salads, soups, egg dishes and more. Looking forward to this month! 🙂

-The Healthy Advocate

P.S. I wanted to dedicate this blog post to Andy Griffith, who just recently passed away. I love, love, love Mayberry, Barney, Andy, Matlock, “A Face in the Crowd”, and numerous Andy related things. He will be missed.

Here’s a short clip from Andy Griffith about Barney’s aversion to pie because of all the “carbohydrates and glucose”. So funny!

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