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My Summer J-O-B

2 min read

I wanted to do a brief post about the recent changes that have occurred on this website. Nothing drastic, or extremely urgent; however, in order to promote my website to the fullest and help as many people as I can improve their health and wellness, I thought a simple blog post addressing these changes was in order.

Summer is here, and many college students are taking classes and/or working part-time jobs, and I am no exception. Instead of working for another person, however, I am focusing my efforts full time on this website, making this my summer job. If you noticed on the side bars of this website, as well as underneath each post, I have links to two products, one being my eBook cookbook (which is doing really well, so I’m definitely excited!) and my meal plan/health coaching practice.

In order to keep this blog up and running so that I can share health news, information and nutrition wisdom that otherwise wouldn’t be heard elsewhere, there had to be some financial support coming from somewhere. That’s when it hit me. Why work at a job you hate, offering practically nothing to individuals and not contributing to the world? Why don’t you do something you’re passionate about and actually help others achieve their health and wellness goals? This made sense to me, and it has helped this website continue, and for that I am very, very grateful.

No advertisements from outside sources will be placed on this website. I know how annoying those are. Plus, if I had placed advertising on this website from an external source, I really couldn’t control what I was advertising. For all I know, advertisements for sugar-coated cereal or diet pills would pop up every now and then, and I do not believe in those products whatsoever.

The only things that support this website are things I believe in, and things that I can be involved in. In no way, shape or form will any of my products take away from the actual quality of my writing and my recipes – that I pledge.

So thank you all for your support, and for helping me grow my website over the past couple of years. I will still be going strong, putting full time hours into the website, both on the front lines and behind the scenes, to keep it up for every single one of you, as well as for random visitors lurking every now and then. It truly is a joy of mine to give true, accurate health and nutrition information, not bound by industrial or governmental ties, freely to others.

For now, this is The Healthy Advocate.

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