How Television Can Be Bad For Your Health: Break Free From the Mental Clutter

A couple of weeks ago I asked a question over on my Facebook page about television and the evening news. I had a mix of responses (which was great!), both either defending the nightly news or shaming it for its negativity. In all honesty, both sides have a point. Yes, we need to live in this world, and we need to know what is going on; however, how much of it do we really need, and how much of it just pure noise that may be lowering our mental, emotional, and physical health?

Negative Thoughts, Images, and Emotions Contribute to Poor Health

We now know that negative images, words, and thoughts can depress the immune system. Studies have also shown that violent television leads to a depressed immune response.

Have you ever watched the nightly news and felt exhilarated, uplifted, and happy beyond words? Probably not. Most of our news stations like to pull the mind in by exposing it to sensational stories, hardly ever highlighting the wonderful things people do for each other every single day.

Exposing our minds to this negativity right before bed ensures that we stay in the emotional, mental state way beyond that evening. When we sleep, our brains process that information right before, cementing it into our subconscious minds. Whatever our subconscious mind receives, it believes, and your actions and beliefs will be expressed through that mental state. Plus, the negative things you are exposing to yourself are weakening your immune system, opening you up to a host of illnesses and dis-eases and dis-harmonies in the body.

If I Stop Watching the News, How Will I Know What’s Happening in the World?

You don’t need to watch the local news to know what’s happening in the world, or to know what’s happening in your own neighborhood. You don’t need to know that there is a burglar in your neighborhood to know that you should lock your doors and windows, and protect yourself the best you can (just like always).

Thankfully for the internet, you can easily separate the trivial, sensational stories from the more important ones. You have the power to choose what enters your mind and your body. Even if you are desiring to make the world a better place, you don’t necessarily need to be exposed to the negative things in the world to create it. Simply changing your mental and emotional state to that of peace, love, truth, etc., can help you promote change in the world. Who was it that said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world”?

Social media, news alerts, and friendships and relationships help keep us connected these days. I’ve stopped watching the news, and most television in general, simply for the fact that I respect my mind, emotions, and physical health too much to allow it to be engulfed in information that I don’t need. I still receive important news that I need to know, even though television has been a small aspect of my life for the past 4-5 years.

Ways to Protect Your Health From Negativity

Like I said earlier, negativity can decrease your physical health by decreasing the function of your immune system. The best ways to “detox” from negative people, media, belief systems, etc., is to do something that you enjoy in a relaxing environment. Turn off the television, and simply relax. Meditation is one of my favorite ways to de-stress, as is yoga, cooking, acting, playing the piano, and so much more.

I also like connecting with others. Socializing is one of the best ways to decrease your stress levels and increase the function of your immune system, especially if you are socializing with people who are also relatively positive and uplifting. Surrounding yourself with those that support your well being, and those whom you can also support, are wonderful ways of keeping your whole-body health in check.

What are your ways of de-stressing? Do you still watch the news? I would love to hear your comments and thoughts!

This is The Healthy Advocate.

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