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How Doing This One Thing Can Completely Transform Your Life

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Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the easiest way to connect to power. Photo courtesy
Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the easiest way to connect to power. Photo courtesy

What if I told you there was one thing that you can do, right now in this exact moment, that will help to improve your relationships, increase your opportunities and quality of life, strengthen your health, and completely transform your life for the better? Could you possibly comprehend the amazing power of a singular action, one in which requires nothing but a moment of your time and the effort of your will? An action that you can take every day that will increase your level of enthusiasm about life and awaken a whole new desire within you that will spring you forward to a newer, healthier, vibrant state of being?

This amazing “miracle” that I am speaking about is that of the power of gratitude.

If I haven’t yet convinced you, or even piqued your interest just yet, on how the power of gratitude can improve your life for the better, then please keep reading. What you may learn, if you haven’t already through the power of life’s experiences, is that gratitude is the bridge toward receive more good into your life than you ever thought possible.

“When you realize that nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” – Lao Tzu

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful force, one that creates, inspires, and invigorates life at its most fundamental levels. It is an invisible power that opens the door to receiving more amazing things into your life through unexplored, and often overlooked, avenues. The feeling of gratitude is one that is closest to the feeling of love, the most creative force in the Universe.

Every good feeling emotion, such as love, gratitude, and appreciation, enlivens the spirit and the mind, and creates a space for more good things to come to you. When you are feeling good about a particular subject, such as your relationships, you create a field around you to receive more wonderful relationships. Perhaps this is due to the fact that when you shift your emotions on a certain subject, like relationships, your attitude, actions, and body language changes, causing others to feel more comfortable around you, creating more comfortable, easy-going, healthy relationships.

“What you focus on, with emotion, expands.”

Everything you focus on expands. When we focus on a certain issue, that issue, in our minds, expands. Considering the fact that everything that exists today was first a thought initiated by the mind of man, it is no wonder that whatever we give our attention to becomes pervasive in our experience. We can give either good feelings or bad feelings about a particular topic, and whatever feelings we give toward that topic expands in our environment.

We can give bad feelings about our health, and receive more and more evidence that there is a lack of health. We can give good feelings about our health, listing everything that is going well in our bodies, and receive more evidence about the abundance of health. In fact, our physiology responds to these feelings of gratitude, improving the immune system and speeding recovery time after an illness.

“You can’t exercise much power without gratitude, as it is gratitude that keeps you connected to power.” – Wallace Wattles

When we are truly grateful for anything in our life, we are saying “thank you.” These two words are a powerful affirmation, a prayer, if you will, which creates more good into your life. Any good feeling emotion, which is a force of positive energy, creates more good things in your life to feel grateful for. Everything you focus on, with energy behind that focus, expands the subject you are giving your focus to. This is a law that more and more people are becoming aware of every single day.

Put it To Practice!

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

One of the most common ways to practice gratitude is to create a gratitude journal. Just a simple pen and spiral notebook will do. Writing is one of the most powerful creative tools we have, and when we write out what we are thankful for each day, and what these things contribute to our life, we open up fully to receiving more of these good things.

The physical act of putting thought to pen and pen to paper helps to also unlock the doorway into our own minds, helping us to release thoughts and emotions, which is helpful in decreasing feelings of depression, loneliness, and isolation. It’s a natural anti-depressant!

Stream of Gratitude

Another route you can take for practicing gratitude is to get on a “stream of gratitude”, or what Abraham-Hicks calls a “rampage of appreciation”. Start listing aloud what you are grateful for, what you love, and really feel those good feelings. Don’t just list them, actually feel the gratitude of the things in your life while you say them out loud. It may seem awkward at first, but once you get started, and you start listing one thing after another, you will start gaining momentum and your energy and enthusiasm will soar.

Start out by listing everything that you are grateful for that you have in your life right now. It can be your home, your bed, your shoes, your computer, your cat, your dog, your family, your friends, your job, your health – anything! It can be as small as the insects that help create fertility in the soil or as big as the planets that continue to spin in their orbit. Gain momentum in this stream and you will start feeling amazing. Every good feeling creates more good feelings, ultimately changing your health, your way of thinking, attitude, and behaviour. All of these things contribute to a total transformation of your entire life.

Why I Believe Gratitude To Be an Important, Daily Practice

Gratitude, first and foremost. makes you feel good about what you currently have in your life. We often take what have for granted, and in doing so notice the things that are lacking. This leads to feelings of depression and low self-esteem, which are not the real you. The feelings of gratitude for every single thing in your life shift your focus and attention on the abundance that you currently have, making you feel better about your life.

Every shift from bad feelings to good feelings creates a trickle-down (or would it be trickle-up?) effect. When you feel good, you will automatically be easy-going, kind, joyful – all feelings that deeply affect those around you. They, feeling these feelings themselves, spread the same energy to those around them, and so the positivity expands.

Also, feelings of gratitude, as I mentioned before, may help alleviate depression, improve the immune system, speed up healing time, increase quality of life, motivation, energy, and an abundance of good things. It can truly transform your health and well-being!

“E-motion is “Energy in Motion”. Every emotion you have is an energetic force, a force that shapes your outer experience and determines your destiny.”

Emotion is literally “energy in motion”. Every emotion and though can be measured as a unit of energy, and this energy transforms our outer experience. When we wake up and stub our toe, we give out negative energy, and the day seems to spiral downhill from there. When we wake up and feel good because it’s a sunny day, and feel love and gratitude before getting out of bed, the day just gets better and better.


So practice gratitude. Do it right now. Start looking around you and list all the things you are grateful for. Let go and surrender into the feeling of gratitude, because whatever you focus on, with the powerful energy of gratitude and love, expands in your experience.


This is The Healthy Advocate.
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2 thoughts on “How Doing This One Thing Can Completely Transform Your Life

  1. Hello Brandon,
    The article on gratitude is a powerful one. I am beginning my gratitude this evening before I go to bed. I am starting with: I am grateful that you posted this article and for your nutrition information and recipes. Thank you and namaste. M.

    1. Love this, Maria! Thank you so much. I am so grateful to you for reading this article and sharing the love. I wish you all the best. 🙂

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