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The Truth About Coffee Bean Extract

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In case you haven’t heard the buzz the past few months over this “miracle weight loss supplement”, let me be the first one to let you in. Green coffee bean extract, recently popularized by Dr. Oz, is a somewhat new supplement proposed to help with effective and natural weight loss. Derived from the raw, unfrosted coffee bean, this supplement is said to help shed pounds without changing your diet or increasing your exercise.

Now you know I am not here to sell you this product, which is why I’m using this platform to give my opinion on the use of green coffee bean extract for weight loss. Although this supplement may be useful to some degree for many people in western society, there are some kinks in the claims that I think can do more harm than good for helping with success, natural, and safe weight loss.

The Science Behind Green Coffee Bean Extract

How does green coffee bean work, exactly? Is it really considered the most powerful weight loss supplement?

Here’s my opinion (as well as some science) on the matter.

Green coffee bean extract works like this:

Chlorogenic acid, which is found in much larger amounts in unroasted, “green” coffee, is a natural compound known to have specific health benefits, including helping with blood sugar control and weight loss. When extracted from the green coffee bean and concentrated, this acid may be able to slow down and reduce the amount of carbohydrates that are broken into glucose in the blood.

Glucose, when present in larger amounts than the body can use at one time, is often stored as fat for later energy use. This is often seen in people with type 2 diabetes, or those with pre-diabetes or obesity. When taken before a meal containing carbohydrates, this can be helpful in reducing how much glucose is stored as fat by the body.

Now, what do many people who are selling green coffee bean extract pills and potions claim? They often say that you do not need to change your diet or lifestyle whatsoever before starting this supplement regimen. Although I believe this supplement may be a helpful and natural component of a safe weight loss program, I don’t necessarily agree with many of these claims.

Lifestyle is Key!

Weight loss can occur when using green coffee bean extract and eating a nutrient-poor diet; however, an effective weight loss approach combines healthy eating, intuition, exercise, and then (maybe) supplementation. I’m not a big fan of taking too many supplements, but I would recommend this to someone who is struggling with their weight and eating a nutrient-dense diet with plenty of dark, leafy greens, grass-fed and raw dairy (if desired), nuts and seeds, and healthy fats.

With any goal, whether it be health related or otherwise, doesn’t it make sense to utilise every tool you have available? In a world where quick fixes are the norm, especially dealing with health and wellness, is it any wonder why people are still unhealthy and struggling with their health?

Unfortunately, there are not quick fixes in life. At least, none that provide lasting quality and value.

Green coffee bean extract should only be used while improving nutrition and increasing physical activity. Consuming this before eating a meal containing fruit or other grain-free, high-carbohydrate food, as well as exercise, sleep, and stress reduction techniques, you can ensure health blood sugar levels and proper glucose utilisation.

To be honest, you don’t need a supplement at all for anything. Our bodies are smart when we give it what it truly needs. Even a multivitamin is only insurance, a supplement used on days when your nutrition is less than ideal. No supplement can replace what a healthy lifestyle can offer.

This is The Healthy Advocate.

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1 thought on “The Truth About Coffee Bean Extract

  1. ” To be honest, you don’t need a supplement at all for anything. Our bodies are smart when we give it what it truly needs.”
    I disagree with your statement as it is without any qualification. For the “normal” person who eats a very healthy diet this is a true statement. However for those with a disease which affects gastrointestinal function and uptake of nutrients, the extra nutrients provided by supplements can be crucial. An example is celiac disease which is often undiagnosed. For a person with undiagnosed celiac disease, supplements can be critically important. True example: Identical twin brothers, 59 years old, one in good health and the other very ill. The one in good health took supplements that most people would consider excessive. The one who was ill, and passed away did not believe that supplements were needed, however what he didn’t know was that he and his twin both had undiagnosed celiac disease. It was diagnosed in his twin shortly after his death and they had shared the same history of intestinal problems. And even if the celiac disease is a known factor, supplements are needed because of intestinal damage and subsequent poor intestinal function.
    I have a Masters Degree in Nutrition from a Naturopathic College and I am a firm believer in taking at least a good multi-vitamin because you never know what you are dealing with and a bit too much is certainly better than not enough, especially when your diet may not be optimal or you are under stress, or have a hidden illness or…… You did qualify your statement by saying “give it what it truly needs” but how do we know for sure we are really doing that ? I’m retired now but I’ve seen enough cases where supplements are helpful that to make a blanket statement that they are not necessary would be in error. It’s a case by case, individual decision, and yes in a truly healthy person eating exactly right you are correct but how often is that the case.

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