Chocolate Chip Cookies


OK, these cookies are the real deal. This recipe has literally taken me two years to get right and hundreds of testers to aid the process. Creating a chocolate chip cookie that is gluten free and free from refined sugar can be an amazingly frustrating, exciting, maddening, and joyful challenge, one that I am confident (and humble) to say I have surpassed.

This grain-free chocolate chip cookie recipe is free from gluten, refined sugar, and grains. The only thing that it isn’t free from is taste. It contains a wider range of nutrients compared with traditional chocolate chip cookies, but don’t let anyone know that. Just allow them to enjoy the rich, warm, sweet luxuriousness of the cookie. 

By the way, unlike other Paleo cookie recipes swimming out there on the Net, this recipes makes a lot of cookies. And by a lot, I mean a ton. This recipe makes nearly 5 dozen cookies!  I don’t know why, but many Paleo baked good recipes I come across don’t offer a substantial yield, including cookie recipes. This isn’t right. In my opinion, cookie recipes should make a good-sized amount, not only for me, but for family and friends (but mainly for me). 


I have literally made this recipe a couple dozen times to produce the right texture, firmness, and sweetness to my liking. I wanted a chocolate chip cookie that I remembered as a child without having to risk an onslaught of inflammation that comes with traditional desserts. Trying to make a Paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe that turns out similar, if not better, than the ones your grandma used to bake is no easy feat; however, I think I may have accomplished this goal beautifully (and the fact that my grandmother never made chocolate chip cookies doesn’t bother me).

This recipe has also been administered to over 100 people (no kidding), with positive results from each and every taste tester. I made sure to forgo the mentioning of the ingredient list until they gave their final judgement on the taste of the final product. Everyone who ate the cookie blindly exclaimed their joy and surprise that it was actually grain free, gluten free, and free from refined sugar. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’4′]Notes: For this recipe, and many of my baking recipes, I use new this Stevia extract powder. This powder is incredibly strong, and a fourth of a teaspoon equals 1/4 cup of sugar. Be careful with administering this sweetener in your recipes. I also use Ghirardelli Chocolate Baking Chips because they are lower in sugar than most other brands of chocolate chips. Do not skip the addition of vinegar. Since we’re not using brown sugar (which contains molasses, and acidic ingredient that reacts with baking soda to provide leavening), we must add an acidic component. It won’t affect the final product.

P.S. Stay tuned for the dairy-free and egg-free version of this Paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Feel free to consume with a tall glass of almond milk, and don’t be afraid to take three or four in one sitting. These are kind of small, but they are completely filling and satisfying. Share with friends and family members if you have enough left over.

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3 Responses to “Chocolate Chip Cookies”
  1. Rick Nielson 20 May 2014 at 6:55 pm #

    Brandon, I haven’t received a post from you in awhile. I just thought of this the other day and wondered if you were still going strong.

    • admin 21 May 2014 at 8:43 am #

      Hi Rick. Thank you for your comment! I’ve been testing recipes for the past couple of months, and now that it’s summer, should be going strong with new recipes and posts. Thanks for thinking of me! :)


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