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Coconut Oil Increases Cholesterol, Yet is Still Healthy for Your Heart

Posted 24 February 2012 | By | Categories: ancel keys, coconut oil | 10 Comments

It’s true. No need to cringe over the Obamacare tax this year, the solution to your cholesterol may lie in jar of coconut oil. Coconut oil raises your total cholesterol. The paradox? It actually has a positive effect on cholesterol, and contains types of fats that may even help prevent heart disease. Unfortunately, many shun […]

The Twisted Truth About Saturated Fat

The Twisted Truth About Saturated Fat

Posted 11 February 2010 | By | Categories: ancel keys, lipid hypothesis, nutrition, nutrition myths, organic, raw food, saturated fat | 3 Comments

Note: This is only a fraction of what I have to say about this matter and it is far from complete, and don’t be surprised to see more posts on fats, particularly saturated fats, in the near future. It’s raining outside, and I sit here sipping on my raw hot chocolate. I love mornings like […]

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