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Almond Butter Power Green Smoothie

Posted 06 June 2014 | By | Categories: almond butter, beverages, green smoothie, health food | No Comments

We all know that green smoothies aren’t anything new, especially here on this blog. These nutrient-dense green concoctions are fun to look at and even more fun to drink, particularly if you have an adventurous palate. For the most part, health enthusiasts and everyday individuals tend to enjoy their first sip of a green smoothie, […]


Homemade Lemonade Sweetened with Stevia

Posted 28 March 2013 | By | Categories: beverages | No Comments

This recipe is part of Simply Sugar and Gluten-free’s Slightly Indulgent Tuesday Homemade lemonade. Summer in a glass. With each sip of this lemonade, which I sweetened with stevia, I experience happy memories of my summer childhood days. Even though it is only spring (which is basically summer in my part of the world), I […]


Detox Tea | Ginger Tea Recipe

Posted 05 June 2012 | By | Categories: beverages, detoxify, weight loss | 3 Comments

Ginger is one of those spices that conjure up feelings of autumn for me. Even in this pre-summer heat, I still sip on it daily to provide a cleansing effect on all parts of my body. In fact, I’m sipping on it right now as I type this post! It invigorates the mind, alleviates physical […]


Dandelion Root Coffee

Posted 23 March 2012 | By | Categories: beverages, detoxify, liver, strong bones | 3 Comments

This healthy, gluten-free roasted dandelion root coffee contains valuable nutrients, and acts as an internal cleanser.


Iced Coffee Drink Recipe (Frappuccino Recipe) – Sugar, Dairy and Caffeine Free

Posted 01 June 2011 | By | Categories: beverages | 4 Comments

If you think an iced coffee drink can’t get any better than your next door coffee shop, think again. This dairy free coffee recipe uses fresh almond milk, herbal coffee and stevia to create a true health drink that’s enjoyable at the same time. This is vegan, yet I still enjoy it occasionally with a […]

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