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plant-based diet and diabetes

Eating a Plant-Based Diet Reduces Markers for Obesity, Insulin Resistance

Posted 01 July 2020 | By | Categories: diet, glycemic index, healthy weight, medical news, nutrition | No Comments

Long-term adherence to a mostly plant-based diet is associated with lower levels of leptin and insulin, greater blood glucose control, and favorable changes in markers for obesity. This is according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition.


The Truth About Egg Yolks (and Bad Science)

Posted 04 September 2012 | By | Categories: diet | 4 Comments

If you are anything like me, you are constantly on the look out for up-to-date nutrition news, information and research regarding natural, whole foods. I recently came across an article (and no doubt you might have, too) titled, “Egg yolks almost as bad as smoking“. Of course I was flabbergasted, as well as highly, highly […]


Common Household Products, Plastics Linked to Diabetes

Posted 13 July 2012 | By | Categories: diet, phthalates | No Comments

New research has come to light showing how certain plastics, packaging, paints, nail polish, deodorants and other common household products are strongly linked to the development of diabetes. We can no longer simply lay the blame on a poor diet and lack of exercise for diabetes these days, as there is mounting evidence showing that […]


Sweet Free Challenge Take Two

Posted 03 July 2012 | By | Categories: diet | No Comments

After making many, many sweet treats for my blog in the recent months, I’ve decided to take a vacation from sweets. This includes ALL sweets, even stevia and fruits, for one month. I have taken the “sweet free challenge” before, as you may have remembered if you have been with me for the last year […]


Low-Fat Diet is Disastrous for Your Health

Posted 29 June 2012 | By | Categories: diet | 3 Comments

The low-fat diet craze seems to pop up every now and then in the nutrition world. The biggest craze started in the early 1990’s, and some of its information (or misinformation) still persists in the minds of some individuals. I once, too, followed the advice of these so-called nutrition “experts” by following the low-fat diet, […]


Tell Me About Your Diet Experiences

Posted 20 May 2012 | By | Categories: diet | 5 Comments

As a nutrition major, I plan on working with many individuals who are experimenting with different diets. veganism, raw foodist, fruitarianism, Paleo, Primal, vegetarian or just plain meat eater. I’m looking for stories from you, telling me about your experiences with any of these (or another diet I failed to mention). What were your successes? […]

processed meat

Why You Should Avoid Most Processed Meats

Posted 16 January 2012 | By | Categories: diet | 3 Comments

Photo courtesy Research continues to mount on the link between processed meat consumption and cancer, particularly pancreatic cancer. A study from Sweden has linked 50 grams of processed meat per day to a 19% increase in pancreatic cancer. We have to read between the lines in this research, however, as it is not necessarily […]

Legs of a young man running

Why Healthy Eating and Exercise Go Hand in Hand (…And Why Weight Has Nothing to do With It)

Posted 30 August 2011 | By | Categories: bacteria, diet, exercise, happy, healing, health, health food, healthy foods, healthy weight, how to eat healthy, insulin, intestinal health, kefir, lose weight, low carb, mind, mood, nutrition, nutrition myths | 2 Comments

Many people argue that because they go to the gym, walk or run on the┬átreadmill, cycle or lift weights, that they can virtually eat whatever they want to without side effects. That eating fast food, processed and refined carbohydrates and trans-fats can be negated by spending a few days working out. These people are deceiving […]


Homemade Almond Milk

Posted 28 June 2011 | By | Categories: diet | 10 Comments

This is my favorite raw almond milk recipe, and I always have the need to use it. Therefore, I keep a quart on hand everyday. My favorite way to use this almond milk is to blend it into my homemade frappuccino “coffee” drinks (today I put pureed pumpkin and spices to create the best pumpkin […]

Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef and CLA: Part 2

Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef and CLA: Part 2

Posted 23 September 2010 | By | Categories: diet, insulin, lose weight, nutrition, saturated fat | 8 Comments

In a post a couple of days ago, I gave you a highlight of the benefits of eating grass fed, organically raised beef and animal products (like organic raw milk or cage free eggs), as the essential fatty acid CLA can only be derived naturally from these sources. This time around, I expect to show […]

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