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Tips For a Healthy Thanksgiving

Posted 23 November 2011 | By | Categories: glycemic index, health benefits of meditation, health food, healthy dessert, healthy digestion, healthy foods, healthy weight | No Comments

Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful for the things we have. Above all things, I have to say that I’m incredibly grateful for my family – not just my relatives, but also true friends who treat me as if I were their own. The other thing that I am very grateful for is my […]

Probiotics: How Good Digestion Promotes a Good Figure

Probiotics: How Good Digestion Promotes a Good Figure

Posted 15 March 2010 | By | Categories: bacteria, healthy digestion, intestinal health, kefir, nutrition, probiotics, raw milk | 2 Comments

Hello all, this is the Healthy Advocate. This post will not be entirely about losing weight, despite the title; however, there is a point about our digestion that I will cover here which infuses the topic of weight loss/maintenance, just so that we’re clear. Good digestion is, what I believe to be, the cornerstone of […]

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