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Eating Fast Food Should Not Just Be a Political Statement

Posted 27 July 2012 | By | Categories: nutrition | 1 Comment

Courtesy Chick-fil-a You have probably heard about the recent controversy surrounding Chick-fil-a. I’m not very politically minded, and I do not bring politics up here very much, unless it has to do with the politics of food and pharmaceutical medications. The recent controversy will not be discussed here in this post, as we all know […]


Spicy “Noodle” Bowl

Posted 09 June 2012 | By | Categories: gluten free, grain free, health food, healthy foods, nutrition | 3 Comments

Here’s a spicy, simply “noodle” bowl I put together for lunch today. In my previous post, I mentioned the top 7 health benefits of cayenne pepper. In this recipe, I use jalape├▒o pepper, which has many of the same health benefits, including raising the body’s metabolic rate and increasing cardiovascular health. Have you ever made […]

Top 10 Natural Health Websites

Top 10 Natural Health Websites

Posted 26 January 2012 | By | Categories: health food, nutrition, Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I wanted to share with you my picks for the top health websites that I frequent quite a bit and trust. This list may be updated throughout the year depending on any changes within the sites, but for now here are the top 10 websites I love to visit in regards of natural health, gluten-free […]

paula deen

Paula Deen May Have Diabetes, But Don’t Blame the Butter!

Posted 14 January 2012 | By | Categories: health, health food, healthy body, healthy foods, healthy weight, nutrition, nutrition myths | 3 Comments

Paula Deen It is expected, but not yet confirmed, that Paula Deen, the popular down home country cooking girl has type II diabetes. Critics report that her high calorie, refined carbohydrate recipes promote unhealthy lifestyles in America. Although it is true that her fried and sugary foods do play a large role in the development […]

Legs of a young man running

Why Healthy Eating and Exercise Go Hand in Hand (…And Why Weight Has Nothing to do With It)

Posted 30 August 2011 | By | Categories: bacteria, diet, exercise, happy, healing, health, health food, healthy foods, healthy weight, how to eat healthy, insulin, intestinal health, kefir, lose weight, low carb, mind, mood, nutrition, nutrition myths | 2 Comments

Many people argue that because they go to the gym, walk or run on the┬átreadmill, cycle or lift weights, that they can virtually eat whatever they want to without side effects. That eating fast food, processed and refined carbohydrates and trans-fats can be negated by spending a few days working out. These people are deceiving […]

Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef and CLA: Part 2

Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef and CLA: Part 2

Posted 23 September 2010 | By | Categories: diet, insulin, lose weight, nutrition, saturated fat | 8 Comments

In a post a couple of days ago, I gave you a highlight of the benefits of eating grass fed, organically raised beef and animal products (like organic raw milk or cage free eggs), as the essential fatty acid CLA can only be derived naturally from these sources. This time around, I expect to show […]

Healthy Weight Week Day Three: What the Heck Can I Eat? – Part Two

Healthy Weight Week Day Three: What the Heck Can I Eat? – Part Two

Posted 17 May 2010 | By | Categories: healthy foods, nutrition | 3 Comments

Image Courtesy of I am sitting here with my Green Smoothie (recipe to come), contemplating the foods I feel are the absolute best modes to optimal health and nutrition. There are so many foods that I know you should NOT ingest, as it will not lead to a healthy weight or lifestyle, so we […]

Spring Into Your Health!

Spring Into Your Health!

Posted 06 April 2010 | By | Categories: cleansing, detoxify, hypnosis, liver, lose weight, meditation, nutrition | No Comments

Photo from Spring is here! The cold and dark winter months are now drawing to a close, bringing longer days and warmer nights. The birds are outside right now chirping away and it feels like Spring. It feels as if life is blossoming all around me, and the joy I feel inside compares to […]

Probiotics: How Good Digestion Promotes a Good Figure

Probiotics: How Good Digestion Promotes a Good Figure

Posted 15 March 2010 | By | Categories: bacteria, healthy digestion, intestinal health, kefir, nutrition, probiotics, raw milk | 2 Comments

Hello all, this is the Healthy Advocate. This post will not be entirely about losing weight, despite the title; however, there is a point about our digestion that I will cover here which infuses the topic of weight loss/maintenance, just so that we’re clear. Good digestion is, what I believe to be, the cornerstone of […]

The Twisted Truth About Saturated Fat

The Twisted Truth About Saturated Fat

Posted 11 February 2010 | By | Categories: ancel keys, lipid hypothesis, nutrition, nutrition myths, organic, raw food, saturated fat | 3 Comments

Note: This is only a fraction of what I have to say about this matter and it is far from complete, and don’t be surprised to see more posts on fats, particularly saturated fats, in the near future. It’s raining outside, and I sit here sipping on my raw hot chocolate. I love mornings like […]

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