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Fight Fatigue With These 5 Simple Steps

Posted 24 September 2012 | By | Categories: exercise, healing, health, health benefits of vitamin d, top 10 list, vitamin d | 1 Comment

Fatigue is something many busy, and sometimes not-so busy, people suffer from. It promotes sluggishness, yawning, a cloudy head, and laziness. Many people have asked how they can fight fatigue using natural methods, and if these natural methods do indeed work. Often, people will reach for a soda, coffee, or an energy drink (yikes!) for […]


The Best Bone Building Food (P.S. It is NOT Milk)

Posted 10 April 2012 | By | Categories: calcium, vitamin d | 3 Comments

There is another myth that I’m about to bust. I like busting a lot of nutrition myths, especially those touted by governmental agencies like the USDA and the FDA. This story I am focusing on the milk myth. Although milk has been touted as “good for your bones”, I want to tell you that this […]

The Health Benefits of Sunlight

The Health Benefits of Sunlight

Posted 19 July 2010 | By | Categories: health benefits of sunlight, health benefits of vitamin d, sunlight, vitamin d | 10 Comments

Photo Courtesy Hello everyone. I sure hope your summer is going well, and that you are moving forward with your health. One of the most crucial aspects of health is diet, the other exercise. However even if these two elements are working marvelously, and your diet and exercise programs are pristine, you simple will […]

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