Personalized Meal Plan

What are your health goals? As a nutrition student who is studying to become a holistic dietitian, I’m always curious as to why people are interested in improving their bodily health, as well as the quality of their own lives. Do you want or need to lose weight? Are you wanting to look younger and age gracefully? Do you want more energy to do the things you love?

All of these goals are tied to nutrition. In fact, nutrition plays a pivotal role in practically all health goals. Even those seeking to concentrate better or elevate their mood can turn to nutrition, as certain nutrients play a role in proper brain and hormone functioning. Wanting to improve your love life? Nutrition plays a large role in that, too.

Personalized Nutrition

A personalized nutrition approach is the only way toward better health for YOU. Your metabolism is NOT the same as the next person, so why should you have the same nutritional approach? A personalized nutrition plan takes in account YOUR body, lifestyle, height, genetics, age, gender, etc.

Ditch the food guide pyramid, which is the archaic approach to better health and nutrition. There is no one right way to eat, but there are certain foods you can eat for your individual metabolism that will help you:

      • Lose Weight (even without cardio)
      • Clear Skin
      • Increase Energy
      • Elevate Mood
      • Improve Concentration
      • Build Muscle
      • Age Gracefully
      • Look Younger
      • …and so much more…


A Paleo Meal Plan You Can Stick To!

Are you “paleo”? A paleo meal plan goes beyond gluten-free, yet is surprisingly less restrictive. I’ve been eating paleo for a couple of years now, and even though I’m both gluten-free and grain-free, I can still have cakes, cookies, crackers and homemade enchiladas anytime I want. The secret in any paleo meal plan is to use the right ingredients, all of which I share with you in your personalized meal plan. Here’s what you will receive with your gluten-free, paleo meal plan:

        • 25 Page Report with Nutrition Science and Information that’s easy to understand and applicable to your everyday life for YOUR personal goals (weight loss, anti-aging, more energy, better sex drive, clearer skin, etc.)
        • Healthy Weekly Meal Plan that’s easy to follow, along with grocery shopping tips
        • Email Support for 1 Full Week!
        • FREE Coobook eBook, “The Unconventional Gluten-free Cookbook: 50 Grain-free, Gluten-free Recipes That Taste Awesome”


A paleo meal plan is for those who are not vegetarian or vegan. With each nutrition plan, I use inspiration drawn from raw foods, Weston A. Price, ancestral knowledge and modern nutritional science. This personalized meal plan, when implemented with focus, direction and energy, will help you, naturally, become more connected to what you eat, as well as assist you in your goals.


Vegetarian? Vegan? 


A healthy week meal plan is made by me for you based on your dietary preferences. Don’t want to eat meat, fish, dairy? Let me know! This is your personalized nutrition meal plan that is based on your likes and dislikes.


A healthy meal plan also includes variety, as eating the same thing day after day can be a little boring. Want chocolate cake for breakfast? You can have it! Made with the right ingredients, chocolate cake can actually burn fat! Want crackers or spaghetti and meatballs that do not raise insulin to promote fat storage? You can have those, too. NOTHING is off limits.



Why Gluten Free?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye (and sometimes oats). It is a very tough, hard protein to digest, due to wheat’s processing over time. This can result in poor absorption of nutrients and can interfere with your weight. Imagine having to digest food and gluten, a feat for your digestive system.


Although not everyone suffers from celiac disease, many, many people suffer from some intolerance to gluten. Symptoms include weight gain, skin flare ups, low energy, vomitting gas, poor growth, sluggish metabolism, decreased mood and much more.


Every healthy meal plan that I make for my clients is a gluten free meal plan . I never advise eating gluten free processed foods in a meal plan, as these are normally filled with sugar or refined carbohydrates. Instead, I advise using alternative flours in recipes to make crackers, cookies and cakes.


These flours are nutrient dense, help with weight loss and will not raise blood sugar or insulin levels (two levels you should control in order to lose weight and age gracefully). A grain-free gluten free meal plan also doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, far from it! You can still have rich chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, crackers and more. In moderation, these can definitely be a part of your gluten free meal plan.



What Others Are Saying

I’ve created a healthy meal plan for a large variety of people. Here’s just a sample of those I’ve worked with:


Brandon really knows his stuff. He is also very professional and delivered my meal plan to me within 48 hours. I follow a WAPF type diet, and he was able to deliver nutrition information, an easy to follow meal plan and some delicious recipes that have helped me on my journey for natural and healthy weight loss.” – Karen from Topeka


I just recently found out that my digestive disorder is a form of celiac disease. Brandon helped me figure out a weekly meal plan that included delicious gluten-free recipes. I also found out that gluten-free products weren’t nutritionally dense or good for me, despite what my doctor said.” – Joh from Flint, MI


“The weekly email support helped me out immensely. I’ve been able to use the healthy weekly meal plan provided by Brandon and tweak it over time. It’s been absolutely great for me and my kids. Along with exercise, his sound nutritional knowledge has helped us lose weight safely and easily, better than any other program we have tried.” – Emily from Sout East, UK


How to Order

I am more than happy to help you achieve your health and fitness goals via good nutrition. Simply email me using the email address below, tell me about your goals, struggles, achievements with food, and I will get back to you within 24 hours. I look forward to working with you! 🙂
Note that due to the large number of healthy meal plan and gluten free meal plan requests, it may take up to 1 week to receive your personalized nutrition report.
brandon (at) 

Just imagine what you will feel like slimmer, full of energy and health YOU can make this happen. Here’s to your success! 🙂