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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Posted 20 May 2014 | By | Categories: almond flour, cookies | 3 Comments

OK, these cookies are the real deal. This recipe has literally taken me two years to get right and hundreds of testers to aid the process. Creating a chocolate chip cookie that is gluten free and free from refined sugar can be an amazingly frustrating, exciting, maddening, and joyful challenge, one that I am confident […]


Everything We Know About Calories May Be Wrong

Posted 09 August 2012 | By | Categories: almond flour | No Comments

A recent nutritional analysis of almonds, a favorite health snack among nutrition enthusiasts, has led to some intriguing insights on how our bodies handle certain calories. I’ve long said that not all calories are created equal, and it turns out that there is some new scientific evidence to validate this claim. Almonds (and Other Healthy […]


Gluten Free Cherry Cobbler – Happy Labor Day!

Posted 02 September 2011 | By | Categories: coconut flour, gluten free | No Comments

Check out this new cherry cobbler recipe that I developed, and just in time for Labor Day. Not only is this my version of Cherry Dump Cake, but it combines almond flour and cherries, amazing sources of antioxidants. Although this recipe does use tapioca flour to mimic a traditional cherry dump cake recipe, which is […]


Elana Amsterdam’s “Gluten-Free Cupcakes” Review

Posted 25 April 2011 | By | Categories: almond flour, coconut flour, review | 1 Comment

I adore Elana Amsterdam, the owner of ElanasPantry.com, a gluten free, grain free and sugar free blog that includes hundreds of recipes made with almond flour and coconut flour. If you know me, I’m really big on coconut flour, and on whole foods, so when Elana sent me a copy of her new book “Gluten-Free […]

Gluten Free Dressing (Corn Free) with THE BEST Low Carb, Grain Free Mock "Cornbread" (Nutrition Information Included)

Gluten Free Dressing (Corn Free) with THE BEST Low Carb, Grain Free Mock "Cornbread" (Nutrition Information Included)

Posted 23 November 2010 | By | Categories: almond flour | 10 Comments

This post is a participation in The Nourishing Gourmet’s Healthy Food Carnival: Whole Foods for the Holidays! After giving up grains, corn and gluten to aid in elevating my health, I found it quite hard to resist the offers from my friends and family members of the traditional cornbread stuffing at Thanksgiving. So far I’ve […]

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