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Restaurants Seriously Underestimating Calorie Counts for Meals

Restaurants Seriously Underestimating Calorie Counts for Meals

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Recently it has been reported that over 20% of nationwide restaurants are misguiding health-conscious diners with their calorie counts on menus and the restaurants website. According to CNN, 1 out of 5 restaurant calorie counts are wrong. So wrong, in fact, that restaurants are hiding up to 500-1000 calories from their nutrition menus. An analysis […]


The Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

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Looking for a possible anti-aging treatment that doesn’t involve prolongued self-deprivation via calorie restriction? Well recent research may be showing that intermittent fasting, or fasting for short periods of time, may protect cells from “normal” aging wear and tear. Could it hold the key to longevity? Maybe. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post on Should […]

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